Retired United States Air Force Major believes aliens are documenting us and aren't hostile

1957 East Anglia, United Kingdom. Large, fast-moving craft seen by military, ordered to be shot down.

Incredible witness testimony from retired US Air Force Major and PHD in Civil Engineering Dr. Milton Torres has recently resurfaced online. Dr. Torres describes seeing a UFO the size of an aircraft carrier while stationed in England in 1957. He was ordered to shoot it down but was not able to as the UFO then took off at a speed that could only be compared to the speed of the space shuttle breaking through the atmosphere. After the event, Dr. Torres was visited by a "spook," as he calls it, who told him to keep quiet about  the event.

Dr. Torres is convinced aliens are visiting this planet and studying. Dr Torres' experiences were apparently verified in the recent top-secret UFO file dump from  the British MOD. 

Dr. Torres also doesn't think the aliens are hostile and actually worried that his shots were the first shots of World War III.

Watch the full interview below:

Another top-secret UFO file released from the British military details a 1982 encounter between a UFO and the USAF.

Believe it or not, many UFO crashes and close encounters with US military have been disclosed and declassified over the years.


By Jane Kyle / UFO Researcher

Jane Kyle is the UFO researcher and writer behind TexasUFOs, having documented over 1,000 local and worldwide UFO sightings since beginning the site in 2012. With a journalism degree from the University of Texas at Austin, a 10-year career in freelance writing (film, travel, and fashion among other topics) and online marketing, and an addiction to exploring the unknown, she offers up a unique perspective on the subject matter. Jane lives with her husband, son, three dogs, and cat(!) in her home state of Texas, and is definitely not an alien hybrid.

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