Reiner Fuellmich update – We are starting to win in the courts!!!

Reiner Fuellmich update – We are starting to win in the courts!!!

Things are happening in other parts of the world, and law suits have commenced here in Canada. I believe that we are starting to see the BIG TURNING of the tide! Alberta has downgraded Covid 19 to the seasonal flu, (as we knew it always was), and have said there will be no more covid measures. This is likely due to the public and lawyer pressure put on to reveal the truth.

No more quarantine hotels, testing, mandatory vaccinations, or any other measures. I think at minimum partly due to the work of Reimer Fullmich in conjunction with lawyers all over the world.


By David Cheyne

I am an extremely concerned citizen about the direction our politicians wish to take us, UNLAWFULLY, against our wishes. The evidence and lying and censoring the truth about covid 19 is at an all time high. Our police force so far has ignored this, leaving it up to us the citizens to take our country back. There are good policemen. There are good military people. They are following corrupt orders, and only our persistence and constant education to these people, will finally get them to turn their focus on policing the real criminals, and not the Canadian citizens just wanting to live life. AS A POLICEMAN, or a member of our Armed Forces, Navy, or military in any capacity, it is your sworn duty to protect the citizens from abuse. EVEN IF THIS ABUSE comes from the hands of the government. There is plenty of evidence of this, and bribery taken from our elected officials.... SO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!

(Source:; August 3, 2021;
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