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 Is another banker-orchestrated brother war needed for their reset agenda?

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When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders of the government control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes. Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain.

— Napoleon Bonaparte

They insisted, “never again” about many tragic events of the twentieth century, and yet the world is dancing around another banker-orchestrated brother war with the conductors of global chaos keen to push it beyond the borders of Ukraine. They are quickly reaching their sell-by date and soon Ukraine will not be capable of doing much of anything no matter how many billions are gifted from failing empires.

The empire war modelers need new sacrificial lambs, and they’re turning the dials of those they know to be most eager for the job.

Poland appears happy to oblige them, as do the little impotent Baltic states flexing behind their NATO and EU masters committed to turning the region into a flaming hell pot. Like middle school children mouthing off and throwing rocks from behind their older big brothers, the Baltic States aren’t afraid of Russia, even though Russia could steamroll all three nations in an afternoon.

The U.S., UK, and France seem ready to risk a global nuclear conflict for these tiny little Baltic brats. Article five of NATO’s charter says they have to, so they are being used to finally activate the next brother war that bankers need to finalize their economic and government reset agendas.

Will there be anything left of the west to build back from?

Lithuania has fired the first major shot on their behalf by blocking Russian train imports to Kaliningrad. But not quite yet. They’ve set a date for August 10th, and they’re waiting for approval from their EU and NATO masters to throw this rock. They need to pull the entire continent into a conflict and engineer the consent of the brainwashed European masses.

Baltic and Polish Russophobia is a useful tool to get their hysterical populations to run toward a future of thermobaric suction bursts that distend lungs between rib bones like a wringer washer, which will make it quite difficult to mouth off or throw rocks at Russia. If they are ever introduced to Mr. Sarmat, there won’t be much left of the region or planet for that matter.

There is now frequent talk of using strategic nuclear weapons as if completely normal in warfare. Forty years ago the masses would have demanded that anyone in any position of governing authority who uses such language publicly be immediately committed to the nearest bug house. Today the imbecilic masses cheer it on as if that flaming wall of radiated hell fire that incinerates their leafy village with cesium-137 fertilizer will magically bypass their homes and lovely English gardens.

Poland’s PiS party is dumber than a shit house rat.

Germany is now ruled by socialist and green party imbeciles.

Printing overt lies to manufacture consent for war.

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