Pfizer/Fauci wanted FORCED vaccinations, even though they don’t work


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Aug 3

First, Fauci:

”Dr. Anthony Fauci took major heat after lamenting on Thursday that it was "disturbing" that a federal court would rule against the CDC’s COVID-19 travel mask mandate, adding his opinion that ‘This is not a judicial matter.’" (Credit Fox News - linked) Fauci thinks that the CDC should not be subject to judicial review!

Then Pfizer Board member Scott Gottlieb, had an op-ed published by the New York Times, in which he says these disturbing quotes:

Our country’s response to monkeypox ‌‌has been plagued by the same shortcomings we had with Covid-19. Now if monkeypox ‌gains a permanent foothold in the U‌nited States and becomes an endemic virus that joins our circulating repertoire of pathogens, it will be one of the worst public health failures in modern times not only because of the pain and peril of the disease but also because it was so avoidable. Our lapses extend beyond political decision making to the agencies tasked with protecting us from these threats. We don’t have a federal infrastructure capable of dealing with these emergencies.” (emphasis added)

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