Parents VS the Media Machine

Australian parents who claim they're "fed up" with media bias hit the road to find the people's truth.

Aussie parents who claim they are "fed up" with the failures of Australian media companies, including the taxpayer funded ABC, will be hitting the road on July 15, starting in South-East Queensland, to perform citizen journalism through the Australian Vaccination-risks Network's new VaxXed Bus.

The bus, which runs 35-feet long, is wrapped with an unmissable 'Vaxxed II: The People's Truth' logo from the 2019 documentary film of the same title. That film is dedicated to the thousands of parents in the US and around the world who shared their stories of being pro-vaccination, taking their children in for routine vaccinations, and seeing them subsequently suffer life-altering side effects, injuries and even death.

"The media have lost all credibility on this topic, and we're fed up with their denial of science and abandonment of vaccine injured children," says President of the Australian Vaccination-risks Network (AVN), Aneeta Hafemeister.

"There seems to be an unwritten rule in journalism that only the government sanctioned narrative can be reported on. So-called medical experts are not to be questioned in any way, and their pronouncements must be accepted on faith. Journalists and editors must now step up and report on all sides of issues, particularly vaccination. There has never been a more important time to put vaccine science under proper scrutiny.”

Hafemeister continued:

"We have the data from the Harvard Pilgrim study to show that in the United States, at best only 1% of vaccine reactions get reported.
No media coverage.

We have the admission from the US Department of Health & Human Services that they have failed to complete any of their mandatory checks on safety or efficacy surrounding the industry whose vaccines we use here in Australia.
No media coverage.

We have an Australian vaccination schedule that has never been tested – either individually or in its totality as currently administered for safety or efficacy.
No media coverage.

We have thousands of pro-vaccination parents who eagerly took their children to be vaccinated. These same children suffered reactions listed as known side effects in the vaccine package inserts, but at numbers far greater than the pharmaceutical industry or government care to admit to.
No media coverage.

It's ironic that the Australian media have expressed outrage about Aussie parents purchasing a tour bus to perform citizen journalism when it's the media's own incompetence that has led them here. They’re all fed up, and now, they will do it themselves with the help of the AVN.”

Hundreds of parents in South East Queensland have already registered to share their stories with the AVN's VaxXed Bus. The Bus Tour will kick off in Brisbane on July 15, and travel to Toowoomba, Loganholme, Ipswich, the Gold Coast, Caloundra, and the Sunshine Coast.

Parents who are yet to register may do so here:

The AVN also wishes to extend an invitation to the Australian media to join us in performing acts of journalism at any time, if and when the Australian media locate their journalistic integrity.


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