Offensive remarks on Facebook could get you three years in jail - in fascist Australia

 Why you could soon be jailed for three years for making an offensive Facebook post - here's what you need to know

  • Queensland looking at three-year jail sentences for 'bigotry'
  • Legal experts fear Hindus may be charged for religious display
  • Religious exemptions exist in NSW and Victoria 

By Stephen Johnson For Daily Mail Australia

A sweeping law could see Australians jailed for three years for posting what's deemed 'offensive' on Facebook in an attempt to protect minority groups.

Queensland's Labor government has introduced a bill that would dramatically increase the maximum prison sentence for racist, anti-gay, anti-trans or seriously bigoted statements.

Making such statements already carry a maximum six-month jail term, but that would be increased to three years under the new bill.

Inflammatory Facebook posts would be a criminal offence with the legislation covering 'any form of communication to the public, including by speaking, writing, printing, displaying notices, broadcasting, telecasting, screening or playing of tapes or other recorded material, or by electronic means'.

Someone could soon go to jail for three years for posting an offensive Facebook comment or be criminally charged for displaying a religious symbol that resembles a swastika, legal experts say (stock image)

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By Stephen Johnson / Big Think, Associate Editor

Stephen Johnson is the Associate Editor of Big Think. A long-time contributor to Big Think, he is a St. Louis-based writer and editor whose work has been featured in U.S. News & World Report, PBS Digital Studios, MSN, Eleven Magazine, and The Missourian.

(Source:; May 30, 2023;
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