NYC health officials assess impact; counterterrorism officer

 - a lot of “misinformation” about Virus

Today, Project Veritas is releasing a video in the COVID-19 series featuring health and safety officials in New York City sharing their views on this pandemic.

Frontline workers, including counterterrorism police officers located by the USNS Comfort Ship and medical personnel, discuss the media’s coverage of the pandemic, the data being collected by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the impact the virus is having on American society as a whole.

Here are some of the key findings from the video:

  • Worker: “It’s bullsh*t. It’s money…Listen, Cuomo wanted this shut down for what? The stimulus… This guy Trump wanted this down for what? For stimulus…A couple of trillion dollars.”
  • Hospital Doctor: “Most people are going to be okay, some people are not. It’s just that there’s so many people getting infected that ‘some people that are not [okay].’ 
  • NYPD Counterterrorism Officer Wright: I think, is, uh, misinformation. Not necessarily wrong, but misinformation.”
  • Hospital Paramedic: “Unfortunately when you walk in [to the hospital], and you say: ‘I think I have it [COVID-19],’ it goes down as considered a case and gets reported to the CDC. So it adds to the numbers…as a case until proven otherwise.”

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Project Veritas Team

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By Project Veritas

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