Live Q&A: raw election data revealed; Michigan election turns | Crossroads

There are several new updates on the 2020 US presidential #elections, including a reversal again in #Michigan in Trump's favor, new details on the rumored German server, and signs from a recent press conference that the #Trump team may be switching from defense to offense. We'll take a look into these stories and answer questions from the audience in this live Q&A with Crossroads host Joshua Philipp.

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By Crossroads with Joshua Phillip

Crossroads is a channel from The Epoch Times, focused on discussions about the major junctures of the world—from breaking news, to ideology, culture, and politics.

I am an award-winning investigative reporter, and an expert on important issues including ideological subversion, front operations, disinformation, unrestricted warfare, and the historical roots of issues seen on the surface of today's politics and culture.

Join Crossroads, these include news analysis with experts and journalists—breaking down and explaining the importance in major news stories; discussions on history and ideology guiding key topics in the news cycle; and conversations on values and ideology to help us in our daily lives.

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