Italian Doctor suspended for suggesting autopsies of sudden deaths

 We do not no stinking autopsies, say Italian medical officials



Italian doctor Valerio Petterle was publicly asked about sudden deaths. He suggested that sudden deaths of adults are on the rise and recommended doing more autopsies to discover why people are dying unexpectedly.

For making this suggestion, Dr. Petterle was suspended for two months (English Version).

Italian medical authorities and boards are not interested in doing autopsies to understand excess mortality in Italy. Instead, they suspended the doctor, who suggested looking into the sudden deaths of Italians.

The Italian health authorities have a problem they should investigate: in 2022, Italy had excess mortality of 11-25%.


What made Italians die at excess rates in 2022? We have no idea! We only know that Italian health officials do NOT want us to know the answer. Instead, they suspend doctors who recommend doing more autopsies.

I am sorry for the brave Italian doctor Valerio Petterle. I hope that he does not give up.

As the suddenly dying people are buried or cremated, we may never have the proof of why they died - which is exactly what Italian medical boards want.

A perfect crime needs a perfect coverup!

Dr. Petterle is not alone. When brave British parliamentarian Andrew Bridgen suggested that excess deaths in the UK were a national emergency, he was falsely accused of antisemitism. Matt Hancock, a mastermind of British lockdowns, and Rishi Sunak, a WEF member who profited mightily from COVID vaccine companies, were at the forefront of these false accusations.

So, ignoring excess deaths and vilifying those who call for investigations into their causes is not a purely Italian problem.

Do you think they will be able to cover up the causes of sudden deaths in Italy and elsewhere?

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