If I were going to commit a genocide

If I were going to commit a genocide, I’d make sure to kill as many women and children as possible to eliminate the future generations of the people I was trying to wipe out.

Caitlin Johnstone

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If I were going to commit a genocide, I’d make sure to kill as many women and children as possible to eliminate the future generations of the people I was trying to wipe out. Come to think of it, I guess I’d basically do what Israel is doing in Gaza.

Finally, the New York Times reports that Israel has killed more women and children than have been killed in Ukraine. Just in two months compared to the Russian carnage over 21 months. https://t.co/9qzloawdeF

— Ralph Nader (@RalphNader) November 28, 2023

If I were going to commit a genocide, I’d deliberately target civilians, hospitals and civilian infrastructure to make it harder and harder for the undesirable population to survive. Actually, one good example of this would be what Israel is reportedly doing in Gaza today.

Israeli Intelligence admits “nothing happens by accident” & “everything is intentional” with their civilian targets in Gaza https://t.co/8KlWyO89FO pic.twitter.com/bhlgl09o7k

— Abby Martin (@AbbyMartin) December 1, 2023

If I were going to commit a genocide, I’d make sure to target cultural centers to destroy the history and culture of the population I wished to remove, taking out their museums and ancient religious buildings. You know what? I suppose I’d do pretty much exactly what Israel is currently doing in Gaza.

Israel has engaged in the destruction of Palestinian cultural and heritage sites across the West Bank, Gaza and inside Israel itself.

Intentionally destroying cultural heritage sites has also been considered a tactic of regimes engaging in genocide against a people. https://t.co/872pdy6J0K

— Palestine Deep Dive (@PDeepdive) November 28, 2023

Another thing I’d do if I were going to commit a genocide is make sure to kill all the best and brightest members of the population I was trying to exterminate — their doctors, lawyers, academics, journalists and thought leaders — in order to prevent any reconstruction of the civilization I was trying to stomp out. In other words I’d do what Israel is presently doing in Gaza.

📽️ MUST WATCH | Israel is Targeting Gaza's Brightest and Best pic.twitter.com/vumMHg506s

— Palestine Deep Dive (@PDeepdive) November 21, 2023

If I were going to commit a genocide, obviously I’d have to make sure all my main underlings were on board for the operation, so you’d probably see them spouting genocidal rhetoric all the time in support of those plans. Kind of like the way Israeli officials have been talking for the last two months when discussing their operations in Gaza.

This video is a must watch, must share. It compiles various recent public statements by Israeli officials that show beyond the shadow of a doubt that the intention behind the Israeli violence against the Palestinians is GENOCIDAL.#Holocaust_in_Gaza #Genocide_of_Palestinians pic.twitter.com/74Ohbi0Rrg

— Doc Jazz ✌ طارق (@docjazzmusic) November 12, 2023

If I were going to commit a genocide, I’d also want to have a plan to drive the undesirables who couldn’t be eliminated by mass murder off the land I wanted them removed from. You’d see people in my government frequently discussing plans for ethnic cleansing, in very much the same way you’re seeing such discussions over and over again among Israeli officials and thought leaders.

Israeli officials keep openly saying again and again that the plan for Gaza is ethnic cleansing, yet the western political/media class adamantly insists on continuing to frame Israel's actions in Gaza solely as a war against Hamas. Hamas isn't the target, it's the excuse. https://t.co/6WI0b60ojf

— Caitlin Johnstone (@caitoz) December 1, 2023

If I were going to commit a genocide, I’d keep attacking the undesirable population with extreme aggression while pushing them further and further toward a foreign border, eventually forcing other nations to either take them in or keep allowing them to be slaughtered as I rain military explosives upon their continually shrinking living space

What they did to northern Gaza they’re doing to southern Gaza where they told civilians to flee. pic.twitter.com/Dhz6bxEZfg

— FREE PALESTINE (@missfalsteenia) December 2, 2023

Either way I get rid of the population I was trying to get rid of, and I can repopulate the land I seized with a more desirable sort of people. In other words I’d do exactly what Israel is clearly doing, in plain view of the entire world.


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By Caitlin Johnstone / Rogue Journalist

Caitlin Johnstone is an independent journalist based in Melbourne, Australia. Her website is here and you can follow her on Twitter @caitoz




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