Former BLM leader spills the beans on who’s funding BLM and ANTIFA

- claims BLM was infiltrated and taken over

- claims BLM and ANITFA are funded by Rothschild, Clinton and Soros

- claims there is agenda to create a civil war and that media and celebrities are being used to further it

- claims they are making people decide already what ‘side’ they will be on via media hype

Former Black Lives Matter Ferguson Organizer, Chaziel Sunz exposed BLM, Democrats, ANTIFA, etc. In 2017, Chaziel Sunz shined the light on who pays for ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, what the plan is of the Democratic Party using the groups.

2017 Article stating he was a BLM Organizer despite what his FB page says now:

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(Source:; June 1, 2020;
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