Brain Chips to be used to ‘control crime’? Get ready for the new world order

 Could BRAIN CHIPS be used to control crime? Offenders' behaviour could be monitored using futuristic implants – but experts warn criminals could claim their device was HACKED to evade a sentence

  • Advances in neurotechnology could soon see implants reaching the mainstream 
  • Law enforcers could use implants to monitor or manage potential reoffenders 
  • This may affect legal processes as offenders could claim their chips were hacked
  • MailOnline looks at how neurotechnologies could affect future criminal trials 

By Fiona Jackson For Mailonline

With recent advances in brain implants touted by the likes of Elon Musk, mind-altering technology might not be the stuff of science fiction for much longer.

Neurotechnologies are brain implants or pieces of wearable tech that interact directly with the brain by monitoring or influencing neural activity. 

They are already being used in medicine to treat Parkinson's disease and tested by military organisations looking to employ 'cyborg soldiers'.

report published this month by lawyer Dr Allan McCay from Sydney University looked at the ways the legal profession could change if implants become more mainstream in society.

It suggests that law enforcement agencies could utilise brain chips in order to manage the behaviour of the convicted and help prevent re-offending.

However, these chips may also be susceptible to hacking - meaning an offender could legitimately claim at trial that they were not in control of their actions. 

'From an evidential perspective, it might be difficult to prove the victims' account,' Burkhard Schafer, a professor of Computational Legal Theory at the University of Edinburgh, told MailOnline.

'Was it really an attack on their implant that made them not hear the incoming train, or were they just asleep at the wheel? 

'When they fired a shot cleaning gun, was this an involuntary muscle spasm caused by an attack on their implant, or is this just an excuse of convenience?'

MailOnline takes a closer look at what impact the technologies could have on how criminal trials take place in the future.  

Neurotechnologies are brain implants or pieces of wearable tech that interact directly with the brain by monitoring and/or influencing neural activity (stock image)

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By Fiona Jackson / Reporter for Mailonline
(Source:; August 23, 2022;
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