BP paid ex-MI6 spy firm to snoop on Green Campaigners

 Exclusive: Oil giant also shared intelligence on environmentalists with British Museum and Warwick University in ‘shocking’ web of surveillance

Martin Williams

Lucas Amin

Gabriel Pogrund

CCTV image held by BP, showing Chris Garrard at a train station in 2015

Oil and gas giant BP spent years spying on peaceful climate campaigners – and even hired a private intelligence firm set up by a former MI6 agent.

A new report by openDemocracy, published on Monday, reveals a “shocking” web of surveillance that saw BP keep tabs on campaigners and share information with public institutions, including the British Museum and the University of Warwick.

The company's targets include Chris Garrard, a classical music composer with a doctorate from Oxford University. The 34-year-old from Basingstoke works with the Art Not Oil group, campaigning against BP’s decades-long sponsorship of the British Museum.

Over several years, BP gathered personal details about Garrard, including a CCTV image of him waiting at a London train station in 2015, when he attended the oil giant's annual general meeting.

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(Source: opendemocracy.net; October 23, 2021; https://tinyurl.com/yz793k7a)
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