ASEAN pulls a fast one over China

 ... puts the code-of-conduct in South China Sea in an infinite loop

Bullying the bully

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is turning the tables on China within the South China Sea. Consider this- for several years Beijing was the biggest giant in the South China Sea and despite earnest requests from the Southeast Asian nations, the Dragon was reluctant towards finalising a Code of Conduct (COC) in the disputed waterways of the South China Sea. But now that the US, Australia and India have entered the SCS, China is desperate for a COC but the ASEAN seems to be putting off a Beijing-sponsored COC for the disputed maritime region.

As per an SCMP report, China may be claiming to have made crucial headways in its talks with the ASEAN for a Code of Conduct, but regional experts feel that a COC is nowhere in sight. The Southeast Asian claimants like Vietnam and the Philippines are simply refusing to give in to China’s bait for a Code of Conduct. They know that Beijing isn’t really serious about making the South China Sea safer and therefore they are happy to delay the entire process.

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By Akshav Narang
(Source:; September 19, 2020;
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