The mysterious powers of Tibetan Singing Bowls

Today, the Western world is increasingly discovering the spiritual and metaphysical teachings of the East. We are witnessing the expanded interest of the new age community in one special musical instrument – the so-called Signing Bowls of Tibet. Seemingly simple instruments at first sight, the Tibetan bowls possess great powers. In particular, they have being used for accelerated spiritual development, self growth as well as for healing and sound therapy.

Where does the strength of these bowls come from? It is relatively easy to answer this question – it is the power of sound and vibration that makes them so great. What is not so apparent is how to use these beautiful instruments the right and most suitable way.

The knowledge of the bowls

The knowledge of the proper use of the Tibetan Singing Bowls lies hidden in the heights of Tibet. Only the initiated master and those Lamas of higher spiritual rank can answer this question with certainty. Their knowledge is considered sacred, and as such, it is transferred only from teacher to student, in person, and in closed spiritual sessions. We can only guess that the reason of this secrecy lies in the possible misuse of the immense powers of the bowls.

The origin of the bowls

The very origin of the Tibetan bowls is also not clear. In the past, they have been utilized as praying bowls. In addition, they have played an important part in the Shamanistic practice of Tibet. Some sources say that the resonant sound of these instruments can induce deep meditative states, astral projection, and ability to contact the higher guiding spirits. When properly energized, they are capable of multiplying their strength, but the right way of charging is also not known.

The healing sound of the bowl

There are two ways of playing the Tibetan Singing Bowls, as far as we are aware of it. The first method is by hitting them with a playing stick, but by far the most powerful sound is produced while driving the sick around the rim of the bowls. Thus, hopefully, one can get and maintain a resonant sound whose healing properties could be potentially significant. This is not so easy though, and especially not with the hand beaten Tibetan Bowls.

There are more that 40 types of Tibetan bowls, made out of different alloy compositions and cast in different shapes, and sizes. You can take a look at the notable bowls website of several excellent quality bowls.

When discussing the Tibetan bowls in healing, one should know that there are no universal solutions for every condition or ailment of the body, neither is there a universal singing bowl for all seven energy centers of the body. Rather, one should be able to experiment and adjust to the special requirements of each individual human auric field.

In conclusion, what we can say about the bowls with certainty is that we are only beginning to explore the new frontiers of the new field that can be named “energy healing” or “vibrational healing and medicine”.


By M Destic

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