Meditating with labradorite: a how to guide

Labradorite’s optical illusion is magical in itself. Light catching from the interior of the stone causes the Schiller effect, giving the stone its namesake Labradorescense. Each specimen is unique, and depending where you tip the stone to catch the light, flashes of blues, greens, yellows, oranges, reds and even purples can be seen. Labradorite specimens featuring the entire color spectrum of the rainbow are subcategorized as Spectrolite. Due to its dynamic and versatile metaphysical properties, Labradorite has long been considered an essential healing tool. Labradorite is available in a variety of sizes and shapes, and may be worn as jewelry, kept in a pocket as a palm stone, or featured as a statement piece in a home or business.

Labradorite Prep: Cleansing, Charging, Setting an Intention

Cleansing, charging and setting an intention for the use of a new healing crystal is always a suggested option. This is a great way to ensure you are working with a crystal that is energetically fresh, yielding the most effective results. Labradorite may be cleansed with smoke, moonlight, intention, energy healing, or Selenite. This stone may also be cleansed with water, but it is vital to note if prolonged water exposure dulls your piece; some Labradorite specimens are coated with a layer of polish which may wear away if soaked. As your Labradorite specimen actively absorbs negative energies, routinely cleansing this stone is suggested for optimal results. A stone may appear dull or feel “heavy” when it needs to be cleansed, charged and reset. When setting an intention for your Labradorite, consider your goal(s); here are some affirmation examples for setting an intention.


• I welcome transformation with ease and authentic joy for my highest good.

• With this squeeze, I activate my Labradorite, giving it permission to heal my aura completely.

• With the placement of this crystal, protection from all negative energy in this space is invoked, for my highest good and the highest good of others.

Healing the Aura with Labradorite

A healthy aura is solid and bright, features the individual in the center, and surrounds them equally and comfortably on all sides. Benefits of a healthy aura include the ability to maintain energetic potency and integrity, while claiming space energetically. Labradorite assists one in maintaining auric health by healing and sealing damage to the aura, preventing energetic leaks and the infiltration of foreign energy. In addition to increasing vitality, Labradorite also deflects negative energy from the aura and aids in the transformation of energy within one’s space. Labradorite’s high vibration helps to release limiting beliefs and ideals from outside sources, including insecurities and anxieties. Working with a specific piece of Labradorite frequently, increases the effectiveness and delivery of the healing experienced.

Labradorite for Meditation & Psychic Development

Meditation is enhanced with the presence of Labradorite, as it assists in psychic development and raises consciousness. Labradorite is a high vibrational crystal able to assist one in reaching deeper levels of meditative insight, esoteric information and past life knowledge. This stone also encourages the balance of the analytical mind and the intuitive mind, bonding the masculine and feminine energies for a well-rounded, neutral approach. As Labradorite is also a stone of transformation, it is excellent to meditate with during times of change, helping to provide renewed strength and perseverance.

Interior Design: Decorating with Labradorite

Create a serene, centered environment by adding a piece of Labradorite to the room. Labradorite eases stress by purifying any negative energy in the surrounding area; it is ideal for high-traffic areas. When decorating your interior, consider placing Labradorite in the living room on a coffee table, or adding it to a display on a bookshelf. Labradorite can also be placed in a busy hallway on a console table to keep the space fresh and up lifting. Businesses also benefit from including a piece of Labradorite by the front door, reception, or the waiting area to encourage an air of welcoming clarity and peace. When integrating crystals into your interior, it is notable that a small Labradorite specimen placed in a large room would not be as effective as a sizable piece; for optimal results, pair the space with a crystal sized accordingly, and experiment with what works!


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