Unsolved mysteries of Saqqara

Incredible Precision Stone Jars, and other unsolved mysteries of Saqqara!

The ancient necropolis of Saqqara is home to many unsolved mysteries. Over 40,000 astonishing stone vases, some made from the hardest forms of igneous rock were discovered here in tunnels and galleries deep beneath the Step Pyramid. These show undeniable signs of advanced engineering, precision, and symmetry, worked into very difficult material like granite, diorite, schist, and porphyry.

Join me for part 4 of my investigation into the evidence for ancient high technology, as we explore just why these jars are so amazing and what they mean for the story of human civilization, as well as exploring other unsolved mysteries at Saqqara.

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(Source: youtube.com; April 22, 2021; https://youtu.be/7LEt8VM42PY)
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