Incredible technology found in ancient Bangalore temple

Shocking Ancient Technology Found In Bangalore Temple | Underground Secret Will Be Revealed Soon?


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Hey guys, in the past 3 weeks, hundreds of archeologists have been quietly visiting an Indian temple after they realized that this temple is made of moving parts, like parts of a machine. This information is groundbreaking, because it changes everything we know about ancient Hindu temples.This temple is found in the heart of an ancient Indian city. What city is that? Bangalore. Today, Most people know Bangalore as a very modern, hitech City. But Bangalore also has a very long history, and is hiding some very advanced ancient technology.

As you can see, this temple is located in a crowded area and at first sight, you can see the fresh paint on the tower, when you go inside, you can see the polished tiles on the floor, and the walls are also painted recently. But these are routine renovations.

Until last month, archeologists thought that this was a medieval temple built roughly 550 years ago, but now the Archeology department of India has scanned every stone and has doubled the temple’s age. Now archeologists say it was built 1263 years ago, and some experts are claiming it is even older than that.

But what made archeologists examine this ordinary looking temple in the heart of a big city? You may have noticed that inspite of the new tiles and freshly painted walls, the granite pillars look quite different, it is because they are very ancient. Not only that, every pillar is made of 5 different stone blocks, and these tire like blocks are individually rotatable.

As you can see, this stone block can be rotated like a tire in an axle of a car. And these blocks are all, at least 1263 years old. But perhaps this is just a assembling error, right? How can I say all the pillars were designed like this, with rotating stones? Look carefully, you can see the dark areas, this is modern day concrete, patched recently, to stop these blocks from rotating. You can see that this is applied on all the pillars, all except one to prevent people from rotating all the blocks. But Why? Why did they have to alter the original ancient design? Watch.

So long story short, recently when people started to realize these blocks are rotatable, a lot of people started coming in and started spinning these blocks. so much so that the authorities worried that this temple might collapse because of it. So they applied concrete on everything except this one pillar.

But the real question is Why? Why would ancient builders make these blocks rotatable? I mean this is solid granite rock, to make it rotate is not easy. Even today, this is pretty hard. In the U.S, there was a man by the name of Edward Leedskalnin who single-handedly built a castle called Coral Castle, and he was able to make rock doors that could spin. But these rock doors stopped rotating after just a few decades and even the top engineers could not make them spin after that. So, how could the so called primitive builders from ancient times, build an entire temple full of these stone tires which could all be rotated? And how are these blocks still rotating even after 1200 years?

Now, let us go back to the why? Why were they made rotatable? Simply because they could make them spin? I mean, today, why do we make tires in a car rotatable? Simply because we can? Or is it because it has an important purpose, I mean the whole idea why we build an axle and the rotatable tires is because it has the actual purpose of moving the car, right? But we can see that these pieces are not connected by a single pillar, so what mechanism needs them to be individually rotatable , without being connected to one another in a single axis? A combination lock system, like the number locks on a briefcase. Is it possible that these rock tires can be set in a certain combination to make a secret chamber open? I mean what else could it be? Why else would they make such a complex rotating mechanism?

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