Before, during and after: A UFO in the clouds

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No less than ninety-nine percent of UFO/Alien encounters are one-off incidents, almost invariably fleeting and unexpected in duration and absent in background, intentions or destinations. Lacking content, a supporting narrative or cast, each snippet is seen and gone and as there is no reason to remember or reflect, the effect is never-lasting.


Not this time around, what we will present is partially non-terrestrial and completely without precedent in effects. It was our expectation that what actually happened at Uluru when sacred ceremony was held on December 21, along with an assortment of lead-up incidents, could never be proven to the satisfaction of any critic or scientist. Much to our surprise that common-sense expectation was so wrong, the quantity and quality of supporting tangible evidence proving that the big red rock was energised is comprehensive. This joint human and alien venture has culminated in the changing of everything on this planet, beginning now. And the best part of what is now available is that we can prove that what was prepared and positioned so long ago at Uluru, did actually happen.

December 21, 7:32 pm 20 Kilometres from Uluru

A call for assistance in a sacred task was put out by Elders and Lore-Keepers from Uluru beginning about four years ago. The request was simple and utterly essential, to join in from a distance in a secret ceremony that was to be held there to facilitate in the opening of a ‘magic box’ somewhere within Uluru. Once opened it needed more to succeed, for Uluru to fully activate and harmonise the planet it needed to be swamped in positive energy directed towards Uluru at the exact time of the beginning of the ceremony beside the rock (December 21, 7:32). By our estimate at least fifteen million souls did accept the invitation via us and others to send pure energy while meditating at the same time irrespective of location, temperature, ice, lateness of night or loss of sleep.

The timing related to both the grand conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, along with the summer solstice, and was intended to transform the planet through providing a choice that each soul had to make, if the ceremony was successful, which it was. No less than fifteen million people stood, sat and meditated sending their purest intentions towards one very big red rock in Australia. What that created was a division, the ‘two roads’ the Mayan prophecies claim would eventuate has come to pass, and we have the choice of accepting or refusing an invitation to literally jump head-first into what the Hopi call a “fast flowing river.”(1)

“We have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour, now you must go back and tell the people that this is the Hour. And there are things to be considered . . .

Where are you living?

What are you doing?

What are your relationships?

Are you in right relation?

Where is your water?

Know your garden.

It is time to speak your Truth.

Create your community.

Be good to each other.

And do not look outside yourself for the leader.

There is a river flowing now very fast. It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid. They will try to hold on to the shore. They will feel they are torn apart and will suffer greatly.

Know the river has its destination. The Elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above water. And I say, see who is in there with you and celebrate. At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally, least of all ourselves. For the moment that we do, our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt.

The time for the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves! Banish the word struggle from you attitude and your vocabulary.

All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”(2)

~Thomas Banyacaya Sr., Hopi Elder, Hopi Nation- Oraibi, Arizona

Seven Steps

All the way up until December 21 we kept equivocating in interviews and podcasts in declaring that we were not convinced this secret ceremony was even going to occur. Even if we were mistaken in harbouring uncertainty, finding anything that amounted to compelling proof was from our perspective, nigh on impossible. The selection of seven events/chart/photographs/videos is by no means the entire package, but the reality is that if this selection does not satisfy, then nothing outside a UFO mothership landing on top of the Australian Parliament House would suffice, and adding more would be pointless. But for those willing to be at least marginally open to the possibility, you now know we are no longer alone in the Cosmos.

For any who are not aware of this device, the Schumann Resonance measures the pulse/heartbeat of the planet. There are a few different techniques used to measure by, and the read out from the Ukrainian University sent to us by fellow researcher Omar, has the earth idling at the normal level which varies between 0.3 to 0.6. And that was the reading throughout December 21 until about 7:30, when there is dramatic acceleration by a factor of one hundred. The reading over the next three hours hovers in the low to mid-thirties, then falls back to its standard base-level.

Thanks To Omar Faizi

The timing and intensity is perfectly synchronised in relation to the impact created by millions upon millions of people generating pure, positive, selfless energy. But perhaps all this is a random surge of internal Earthly energy, and if this is the sum total of all that happened then or immediately after, that could be the case.

What does need to be appreciated is that everyone at Uluru, not just the three hundred that did ceremony with us some twenty kilometres from the rock itself, were preoccupied in looking upwards. The sky was never like this, ever. I do remember asking the chief security guard if she had ever seen a sunset like this before, the reply was a compulsory never. Front and centre up above, beyond the surreal melange of pink, purple, orange and so many other spectral mixtures, was the incredible intense pool of Pleiadean blue. It was far too vibrant, all the surrounding clear sky was a washed-out bluish grey and that was on the horizon, this blue patch or gap was at least thirty degrees higher. It was such a rare and magnificent light show all cameras and mobiles were scanning the sky, and on many occasions, much more.

Photo by Geraldine Grace

At one distant location, at exactly the same timing, we received a photograph taken at Georgia, USA, where the same intense pool of blue appears in the night-time skies. At this geography and time, the sun is well gone, and the moon is the focal point. No case can be made for refraction and reflection from the sun on the lens or in the clouds, at a place that is close to the opposite side of the globe to Uluru, the same intense patch of blue appears at the same time. A coincidence multiplied by two, or by design? That really is the crucial returning point in this Cosmic saga.


The night-time blue patch was seen by a few, but when it comes to the incredibly precise shaft of golden light suspended in the sky and penetrating the ocean near the shoreline at Croatia at the same time, this is not a coincidence in cloud colour nor the result of photo-shopping. These photos were shown on news reports in surrounding Balkan countries and talk of what many saw went viral in the internet chat in Croatia, but for reasons never given, it was never reported in any public media outlet in Croatia. What was seen by thousands for about five minutes was a golden shaft of light that seemed to be generated by a disc-shaped object that looks so much like the typical UFO shape it barely warrants mentioning. Whether the ray of light was created by a craft or independently, it is still an unknown phenomena, and we believe the timing is the real clue and motivation here. For any suggesting this is merely an anomalous light vortex, why is it in Australia at the same time Ros Mulder saw and photographed another column of light, even though the colour is less intense. What are the chances that two shafts of light randomly appear thousands of kilometres apart at the same time?

Shared by Soraya Danielle (from Jasmina Lakota), 21st Dec. 2020:

Photo by Ros Mulder

The next 7:32 pm ‘light-show’ was at Uluru and even though it is nowhere as defined or precise as that at Croatia, this episode spills all over the horizon and accepts no geometry. It goes everywhere at once and maintains no margin or edge. This was taken at the same time about two kilometres from where we held our ceremony, and the people filming this did not centre on the sky, but purely the rock itself, and saw nothing! That is extremely important, the photographers are adamant there was no flash from a camera behind them, and if there was the white light would not be so evenly spread throughout the entire horizon.

What we have loaded is a one and a half second video taken at 7:32 of a massive white flash of energy coming directly out of Uluru, thus explaining why none of this vibrant white light touches or covers the rock. The wave of energy explodes out of the rock in consort with the Elders ceremony held at the rock, in accompaniment with ceremonies all over the planet held close by and far away. It wasn’t seen by the human eye, as it is of a so much higher frequency and intention, but it was captured by the camera. This did not come about through malicious intent, the people who took the film have gained no money nor fame, they asked for nothing in return, except for the truth to be shared. That light occurred simultaneously to when the Schumann Resonance ascended by a factor of one hundred. Together that presents a very strong circumstantial case supporting the original contention that Pleiadean crystals were placed inside the rock with the capacity to heal the planet if needed and activated.

But as things currently stand that cross-fertilisation and sapien/Alien connection has been inferred but, not implicitly proven. We need a tangible sign of Alien involvement at that rock and at that specific time of 7:32 pm. Such a visitation from above was rumoured to have been filmed when we were still at Uluru while attending the Cosmic Consciousness Conference, and we continued to hear more talk of a video filming an actual UFO in the coloured sky above from the organisers of the conference, Mick and Kathyrn. However, we have heard talk of many amazing things, and more often than not, what eventuated was far less and often literally nothing.

The Eye in the Sky

Not only is that the title of a very good song by the Alan Parsons Project, it is a factual description of what took place just before and after the ceremonies unlocked the rock and its cargo of sacred off-world crystals. However, there are two pivotal differences between this film of an unidentified object flying through the sky and nearly all the others. Firstly, the person filming at no stage was aware that this flying object was there, he like everyone else at the time was understandably obscured by the clouds. This explains why the object is in the frame for some time, then the camera pans back to the rock and the location where he is standing. In fact, for about two seconds we are actually watching a young woman who appears to be holding her camera directly towards the flying craft. We then return a second time to just capture its image, before once again moving on to the other sights and angles.

Unlike any other film of UFO’s where the cameras are actively attempting to track a fast to rapid object in transit, this flying machine is merely idling along, it is barely moving as the crew are there to observe and thus makes their appearance so easy to film, but only if the person holding the camera knew it was there. Clearly, he didn’t see the UFO during, but after the event. What is even more convincing is the expression on the face of the woman who we believe is actually watching and filming this Alien spaceship. She is either cleverly acting in partnership with the person filming, or merely reacting with astonishment to what was coasting through the sky.

It has been assumed by both the person who filmed this, and us, that the UFO was making its way towards that deep blue space in the clouds, and it was from there it transported elsewhere. Of course, that is supposition, but what is not open to question is that this object is not a bird nor a weather balloon which ascends vertically, never horizontally. There are no wings nor exhaust fumes visible, and it moved in a steady slow pace tracking along a deliberate path. So, in ruling out a bird, a disc thrown in the sky, balloon, satellite, planet winged aircraft or glider as prospective candidates, all we have left to choose from is an unidentified flying object.

“A War of the Worlds”(3)???

This headline, War of the Worlds¸was used to describe a bizarre light show witnessed by hundreds by a local Glasgow paper. It was nearly spot on but failed in one respect only, the use of the plural form ‘worlds,’ when it should have been the singular world. Whether the narrow columns of light came from the earth or clouds will never be determined, but that this has never been seen or filmed before is the only point of agreement. Some sort of energy exchange or purification was captured on film, whether cleansing or recharging is yet another unknown, but it did happen and very, very soon after Uluru had awoken.

Photo by Steph Nixon in

All of these seven events took place simultaneously or soon after Uluru was given ceremony. The Mother is now cleaning itself with the assistance of the red rock and will continue to do so. But before concluding this brief overview, we feel there is still one pragmatic loose end in this Cosmic tale of renaissance and redemption that needs to be addressed and made sense of. Quite simply, how can the conjunction of two large gas planets, tens of millions of kilometres away, have any direct effect on anything or anywhere on this distant rock and water planet?

The answer to what seems a very tenuous planetary cause and effect interplay can be found in three articles recently published in Nexus Newsfeed reporting findings made by NASA, and through some research done by a friend Ian Hall, and all relate to four planets and in each reaction a change in circumstances happened very soon after the conjunction.

As to whether Pluto is or is not an officially registered planet is irrelevant, but what is of great interest and yet to be explained is the fact that this planet has lost over 80% of its’ gas shield/covering. It just went, no-one knows why, where or what agency is responsible. All the scientists are agreed upon is that it is definitely gone.

Of itself this is unusual, but when placed into context and contrast with what also took place on Uranus, Neptune and Mars, in combination this is way past an aberration. What is apparent is a consistent pattern of stretching and pulling. In each case the science is impeccable, and is endorsed by the stamp of NASA ‘s authentication.

Neptune now has two ‘storm eyes’ spread against the surface, until now it had none. But what really upsets the planetary parameters is that both newly acquired ‘eyes’ seem to be moving across the surface in the wrong direction. They are actually moving in the opposite direction to the way this planet is supposed to spin. That just doesn’t make sense, as it could mean the entire planet stopped rotating then went into reverse. Uranus has also detoured into unknown realms and reactions and is now emitting massive surges of X-Rays. Never happened before, then for reasons no scientists can present or postulate over, it is now pulsating in an energy none knew even existed. Again, the cause is unknown, but it would seem there is something shaking up and down the line.

It is not just the nearby gas planets and a distant miniature rock planet responding to this grand conjunction, even Mars was unable to escape the attraction and propulsion created by Saturn and Jupiter. According to the experts at NASA, the North Pole at Mars has now officially moved four inches. Then just to reinforce this dramatic effect, the Earth itself shook at a level never before recorded. Two massive earthquakes, measuring 9.6 and 9.7 took place at a location that would surprise everybody, Antarctica. Just like the rock planet Mars, the resultant stress and fracturing was shaking at the poles.

That all five planets reacted to the conjunction can never be conclusively proven, but once the seven micro-examples are factored into this celestial equation, there just seems to be no logical explanation outside that the rock at Uluru was the principal target in this galactic alignment.

Returning to the Eye in the Sky, and Why

More than once, we were told by others they hoped, or often insisted, that a mothership from the Pleiades would appear. My response was always in the negative, it wasn’t so much I was antagonistic to such a dramatic appearance, but more that if something so graphic and incontestable did occur, many people who felt that all this ‘new age talk’ was rubbish would recant and be forced to concede that the ‘hippies’ were right. I felt if both ceremonies succeeded there should still be a leap of faith involved, and that was the way it should be. Flashing lights and massive flying ships just couldn’t be part of this.

It turns out that we were both wrong, the UFO ship was there as an observer hoping that this seminal opportunity to change directions and embrace the mother and her magic would be accepted. Of course, for those who deny, this is all about a bogus photo-shopped addition, along with an accomplice faking a stunned expression while holding her mobile upwards aiming at nothing in particular. That this license to manufacture a rebuttal still exists is the perfect balance, the choice is still open either way and each individual will be the final arbitrator. The real issue here is not whether UFOs and beings from other constellations are here on Earth and have been for such a long time, that is ‘done and dusted,’ but why did they come and stay? Why did they come so far and sacrifice so much, that is the only question remaining which really counts here and right now.

And the answer is now upon us, non-terrestrial beings came here to assist, hint and cajole, but could never directly intervene leading up to this dividing line. The formation of this path forward once established on this planet will spread throughout the Universe and beyond. That is why so many different types of Aliens came to this planet, and that is why this ceremony was held, and thankfully, succeeded.

So knowing why Aliens came is merely the first step, past that they are knocking at the door imploring and hoping their request to each person to enter will be accepted. As the Hopi have predicted, the twelfth hour has finally come and the time for each person to open their door and reset their clocks is now, or never.     

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By Steven and Evan Strong / Forgotten Origin Researchers

Our main brief is to prove through scientific fact that which the Elders insist is true. We have assembled facts about archaeological finds, and also early contact accounts, genetics, Serpent myths, Dreaming stories, Amerindian myths, parallels in religious texts, etc into one coherent theory.

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