Ancient temple that debunks evolution theory?

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Temple Debunks Evolution Theory?


Did Dinosaurs and humans co-exist? How did ancient builders carve Dinosaurs if they became extinct 65 million years ago? Why are these secret Sanskrit codes carved in this ancient temple? Does this prove that evolution theory is wrong? The temple at Bavka, Gujarat hides many secrets in its belly.




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0:00 - A Weird Statue

0:26 - Dinosaur - T. Rex

2:05 - This Should NOT Exist

2:48 - Prehistoric Barytherium

4:10 - Secret Codes

5:19 - Khajuraho of Gujarat

5:56 - Lotus flowers on Lingams

7:12 - Erotic Carvings

7:33 - Mysterious Name

9:11 - The Key Stone

10:26 - Precise Machining Technology

11:37 - Mini Tower Top

12:08 - Booster Rockets/ Viamnas?

13:48 - History of the Temple

15:31 - Complex Interlocking System

16:57 - Stapler Pin Technology

18:17 - Grooves & Locks

18:48 - Conclusion

Hey guys, we are at the mysterious Bavka temple. Right outside the main chamber, you can see this weird stone statue. Today, it looks completely unrecognizable, but this is a bull called Nandhi, the mount of Lord Shiva. But there are many strange, unexplained carvings in this temple. You can see this one, it is really bizarre, on the left, you can see an elephant, and on top of the elephant, you can see a man falling down from the elephant. But on the right, can you tell me what this is? It is a dinosaur. It is taller than the elephant, it is standing almost upright, and look at its face, it has pointed face, clearly looking like a dinosaur. In fact, this looks very similar to a T Rex or Tyrannosaurus rex. Look at its similarity to the T rex, how it stands upright, and how its head looks. Remarkable similarity, right? This could be a young T-REX because the adult should be taller than this, but see, even the Juvenile T-rex is bigger the elephant. Some experts think, the T-rex was the apex predator that preyed on other species, and what is it preying on, here? A human. Now, why do I say this is a dinosaur, right? Because it is taller than the elephant, and today, the only animal taller than the elephant, is a giraffe, and this is definitely not a giraffe, and giraffes, don’t eat humans. And if you look at its pointy head, it is not an oversized Lion or a tiger, it looks very much like a reptile. But such a carving should not exist, because according to experts, dinosaurs and humans should not be seen together, because dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago, and humans only came on earth about 300,000 years ago. But, very often, we see these prehistoric animals carved in ancient Hindu temples. I have shown you at least a dozen different species of extinct animals in various temples, and we don’t know how the sculptors could carve such extinct animals.

The carvings at Bavka temple show many weird animals. Here, this looks like an elephant, but it does not have a trunk, and it also does not have any tusks. What is this animal? Look at its mouth, it is pointy, like a pig or a boar, but look at its legs, pigs and boars have thinner legs, this animal’s legs are quite thick, like those of an elephant. Again, there is no such animal today, but there is an extinct, prehistoric species called Barytherium. And if you look at the re-creations, it is a precise match to the carving, it looks very much like an elephant, but it does not have a long trunk, and it has thick legs. Again, this species also became extinct millions of years ago. According to mainstream historians, this temple was built about a 1000 years ago, so how could sculptors who lived just a 1000 years ago, understand the anatomy of these extinct prehistoric animals, and carve them accurately, in this temple?

However, Locals tell a completely different story about the temple. According to the priest of the temple, it was built during the time of Satya Yuga, meaning, it was built at a much, much older timeline. The original builder of the temple, put many secret codes in these carvings, and these codes can be deciphered only by high level observers. You can see the letter aum carved in some places, and you can see the letter sree carved in some other places. If you notice carefully, you can see other letters as well, and these letters differ from place to place. What is the meaning of these codes? Why were they inscribed in these stone blocks? How are these codes related to the carvings next to them? Like this, there are many unsolved puzzles waiting to be decoded in this temple.

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