Ancient mystery lingams unearthed across SE Asia

Hey guys, in my previous video I showed you how plenty of lingams and other ancient statues were unearthed in India. But in this video, let's go outside India and see if archeologists found anything related to Hinduism? This brilliant Pink colored giant lingam was found, not in India, but in the country of Vietnam. Vietnam is thousands of miles away from India, but there is no doubt that this is a Lingam, with a cylinder in the center and the base called Yoni. This was found just 2 months ago. Archeologists confirm that this is at least 1100 years old, it is made of one solid rock, it is a monolithic lingam. This looks so fantastic, it is so smooth and so beautiful that you want to go and touch it. You can see that it was clearly buried under the ground, and you can also see how archeologists do the excavation, everything is done very methodically. And you may wonder, why does Vietnam, which is so far away from India, have this Hindu artifact buried underground? I will tell you why, but before that,

I wanna show you another strange lingam unearthed in Vietnam. This was excavated a few years ago, in a different site. Look at this, look at the colors of this lingam, this is so strange. This lingam is even older than the pink lingam you saw before, and archeologists say it can even be from 4th century A.D. That means, it could be 1700 years old, and look at the lingam, the cylinder, I mean what kind of stone is this, and how did they achieve this level of polishing in ancient times? The cylinder is made of a different type of stone, the base is made of a reddish stone, and there are probably blocks of white sandstone beneath that, and then that is surrounded by bricks. So very very complicated and perfect engineering was used 1700 years ago. But this is not the only statue found here, there are many statues, this is the elephant God Ganesha, you can see from the outline of its head and ears. There are many other lingams found in the same site. Archeologists say that they found a lingam made of crystal quartz weighing about 3.5 tons. 3.5 tons - that is more than 3000 kilograms or 7000 pounds. Vietnam has declared that it is the largest precious gemstone found in the entire country. And remember I told you that a giant crystal lingam also existed in the country of Cambodia, in a place called Koh Ker. The original name of Koh Ker was Lingapura, which actually means the city of lingams. In this area, in Cambodia, there are ruined lingams found everywhere. We can find destroyed lingams on the ground. But there are hundreds of ruined lingams in very bad state. You see this lingam, it is inside a ruined temple. It's bottom half has been cut off manually, somebody used a strong metal tool like a pick axe or a crow bar and just repeatedly kept hitting this, until it became like this. It is a miracle that this lingam is still standing today. This is a thousand year old lingam, such precious ancient artifacts are lying in complete ruins in Cambodia. No one can even approach this lingam because the entrance to the temple itself is ruined. Now, there are not only lingams on the ground in this area, but also many lingams lay buried underground.

I have shown you giant lingams in Cambodia, these lingams are massive, but the lingams they are recently discovering is just mindboggling. Look at this one, this was found recently in the woods, and it is roughly one thousand years old. What is this structure? It is very likely that this is a yoni or the pedestal for a lingam. See how many people are standing on it, understand the size of this lingam. A giant cylinder would have been placed inside the square hole in the center originally. This entire area which is now split into many countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, they all used to be a Hindu civilization.

Now, the artifacts I showed you are only samples from this region, I have not even touched some countries, like Malaysia for example. Malaysia has unearthed hundreds of lingams, this was found in Bujang valley, and they also found lots of pedestals or Yoni, most of them are all kept in Museums now, but the cylinder parts are all gone. This is another Hindu pedestal found in Malaysia. There are statues and even portions of temples, like pillars, found underground. Believe it or not, Malaysian archeologists now say they have found the oldest manmade structures in South East Asia dating back to 110 A.D, that is more than 1900 years old. And there lots of temples lying underground waiting to be uncovered in Malaysia.

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By Praveen Mohan / Explorer of Ancient Megalithic Sites

Praveen Mohan is an explorer of ancient megalithic sites and appeared on History Channel's Ancient Aliens TV show in September 2016. He has traveled to several countries documenting his findings on YouTube, and his videos have received tens of millions of views. His content has also appeared on TV shows, magazines and other media. Praveen has researched several historic mysteries including ancient Mounds in Ohio, Ellora Caves in India and Machu Picchu in Peru. He has also discovered Out of Place Artifacts which prove the existence of ancient European and even African presence in India.

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