Ancient instrument discovered at Angkor Wat?

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Hey guys, today I am going to show you a carving in the ancient temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, and I have discovered something groundbreaking which proves that ancient builders were using advanced technology, and I hope by the end of this video, you will agree with me.

So, according to mainstream historians and archeologists, the Angkor Wat temple was built about 900 years ago, and the temple was built by a Hindu king who carved thousands of carvings all over the temple walls. Unfortunately, because of 900 years of erosion and corrosion and destruction by humans, a large portion of these carvings have been destroyed. During my visit to Cambodia, I have tried to document these carvings, I have taken pictures of thousands of these carvings, and have been analyzing them with my team and we found something really mind boggling about this carving.

This carving is found at the top façade of one of the buildings, it has undergone not only a significant amount of damage by nature, but human beings have also deliberately defaced this carving. This was originally built as a Hindu temple, but after some time, this temple was taken over by people of different faith, they destroyed the carvings. For example, if you take a look at this figure, this face is cut off, the guy right next to him, that face is gone, and this guy's face is also defaced. So why do people deliberately damage these carvings? And think about this, this is carving is not found on the ground, it is found on top, I would say 15 feet above the ground. So it is not like somebody casually just took a metal rod and hit this a couple of times. Whoever did this, had to use a ladder, climb up and had to damage the faces of them. So, you understand that this kind of destruction was a methodical and a systematic process. But why, would people systematically destroy such amazing carvings?

Because, Each carving tells a story from an ancient text, and if you destroy the carvings, you have destroyed the stories and the information, and you will eventually destroy the religion. So at this point we cannot make out who is who and what is the story.. The only figure we can see in full is the 3 headed elephant, we can clearly see its features and this three headed elephant is called Airavata in Hinduism, and Cambodians call this Erawan, and it is the mount of Lord Indra. Lord Indra is the King of a planet called Devalokha. Now, if we look at the top of this elephant, we can see this guy who is using a device to control the elephant. But this is not Indra, he is just the Mahout controlling the elephant. Indra is shown standing on the body of the elephant, and he is shown in giant stature. So, we have now successfully identified Indra. Strangely Indra is holding a flower in his hand. He should be shown holding weapons, but instead he is shown with a flower. Ok so Lord Indra is carved standing on his celestial elephant, but there is a crucial detail in this carving. Do you see what it is? The key detail here is actually the tail of the elephant, look at the tail, how it is in the air almost parallel to the ground. This indicates that the elephant is running fast. If you have observed elephants, their tails always point down whether they are standing or eating, but when they start running, their tails will come to this position. This means that Lord Indra is going somewhere fast, you can see the soldiers behind him are holding weapons and all these guys are going somewhere. But where are they going? So let's find out. Nearby, you can see another mysterious character, again his face is also deliberately destroyed. So the destroyers are like criminals who destroy the evidence, and we are like Sherlock Holmes trying to find out what is going on.




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By Praveen Mohan / Explorer of Ancient Megalithic Sites

Praveen Mohan is an explorer of ancient megalithic sites and appeared on History Channel's Ancient Aliens TV show in September 2016. He has traveled to several countries documenting his findings on YouTube, and his videos have received tens of millions of views. His content has also appeared on TV shows, magazines and other media. Praveen has researched several historic mysteries including ancient Mounds in Ohio, Ellora Caves in India and Machu Picchu in Peru. He has also discovered Out of Place Artifacts which prove the existence of ancient European and even African presence in India.

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