An investigation into the origins of the Sphinx and its first excavation in modern times!

An investigation into the mysterious origins of the that most famous of monuments, the Great Sphinx of Giza. We review the rare account of the first time that the Sphinx was excavated in modern times, Henry Salt's account of the works of Giovanni Cavigula in Egypt in 1817!


The Sequel to Revalations of the Pyramids:

Builders of the Ancient Mysteries, available for viewing here (Affiliate link:)

Josh Blaylock's ArkWorld:

The improable timeframes of the Old Kingdom Mega Pyramid Builders:

Zahi Hawass and Graham Hancock on the significance of Gobekli Tepe:

UnchartedX and Bright Insight Egypt Tour 2020!: a quick correction:

I know I spelled 'Gobekli' incorrectly in the bit where i was searching for it on the wiki article about the Sphinx Erosion theory. It doesn't matter as it doesn't appear even with the correct spelling - that capture was done in a hurry at the end of my production and I was attempting to replicate a search I had made earlier! here is a screenshot showing that not even 'gob' appears on that article:

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0:00 Introduction

2:43 Henry Salt's forgotten manuscripts

3:26 Cavigula's work at Giza

5:03 Napoleon Bonaparte in Egypt, the Internet Archive

7:10 Finding Salt's manuscripts

9:37 Details of Cavigula's dig and discoveries

17:47 The Dream Stele

20:44 What's beneath the Sphinx?

26:41 The Roman Staircase

30:06 Discussion on the age of the Sphinx

37:40 Re-carving the Sphinx's head, conclusion

42:17 Post-script


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