More bizarre 'flying trash bag-like' entities seen in Texas

Previously, a Texas woman described her encounter with a black entity that morphed into a small black being. Now, similar sightings are reported by other witnesses. What are they?

The following accounts were forwarded to me by friends Cam & Kyle at Expanded Perspectives:

"I had a story that was eerily similar, that me and my dad experienced when I was younger. We’ve always loved the supernatural and listened to podcasts together and read books about it. So one day when I was being dropped off at my mom’s house in Kountze, Texas, we decided we were going to drive down Bragg Rd in Saratoga just for fun.

Now, I’m sure since you are from Texas, you know about the lights on Bragg Rd, and we weren’t expecting to see them, but why not go down the road if it’s on the way there? As we were driving, we rolled the windows down. Of course it’s the big thicket so there’s not really any breeze flowing through on ground level.

Up ahead of us we see what looks like a black trash bag blowing across the road about 100 meters in front of us. My dad says he only saw a trash bag shape, but 10-year-old me was positive I saw it morph into a sleek, black dog. The only way I could describe the dog was that it looked like one of the pack creatures from the movie 'Avatar,' but still shiny and black like a trash bag. We were both creeped out a little but we kept driving towards where it crossed. 

When we got there, a really foul smell like something had been dead for a long time, came out of nowhere. We heard rustling on the side of the road where the thing had disappeared into. My dad got out of the car with his gun to go check it out. He didn’t find anything, only the dead animal smell was left.

Anyways, I know it’s not that detailed or crazy but I’ll tell you when I heard that woman say that she saw what looked like a black trash bag turn into a cat, then a little man, my jaw DROPPED." SS


"I had the same experience with a floating “trash bag” looking thing. It was on New Year’s eve 2021. I was outside in my backyard with my dog. I was waiting for him to do his business when I was looking up and saw this white, kind of transparent looking “trash bag” floating about 100 feet up in the air going in a north direction. It was floating in a straight path, not moving like a trash bag in the wind. At first glance it looked like a trash bag but I know it wasn’t a trash bag. 

It happened at night time around 11:30 pm and there were some fireworks being popped because of the New Year. I don’t remember been windy that night but whatever it was, it just seemed odd. This happened in Grand Prairie Texas." JM

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