Crop circle: Kiskanizsa, near Bajcsa, Hungary. Reported 2nd July

Kiskanizsa, near Bajcsa, Hungary. Reported 2nd July

A crop circle appeared on the border of Nagykanizsa

The recordings could already be found on the internet - the public has been feverish since then: whether the 26-meter-diameter formation is due to a UFO phenomenon or just a prank.

According to his own confession, the plant engineer of Nagykanizsa, László Tóth, has been passionate about UFO research for almost 40 years. There was also a UFO club in the city for a long time, which he chaired for years. László Tóth still deals with extraterrestrial phenomena, his friends informed him about the appearance of the crop circle yesterday. As he put it, he studied a similar phenomenon in many cases. He had already seen an artificial, man-made crop circle, but the table between Kiskanizsa and Bajcsa is not about this, nor about the UFO phenomenon, but, in his opinion, quite something else. 

- From ancient times to the Middle Ages to the present day, old papers have reported this in many cases. The “footprint of the devil’s hoof,” or trampling on it, was called everything, they didn’t know how it was formed. I suspect there is a simple physical explanation for this. There has been a lot of lightning here lately. It is likely that a lightning strike occurred here. There are two types of lightning. In case lightning strikes from the cloud, this is one. The other is when billions of charges start from the ground. It happens so fast that it cannot be seen with the naked eye. So there is a lightning that strikes from above and there is one that strikes from the bottom up. In this case - we were taught - if it taps from the bottom up - my thumb shows the direction of the current - the electromagnetic field will wrap to the left. So it is counterclockwise.And here we see it - said László Tóth, cosmic civilization researcher, plant engineer.

Source:- Kanizsa TV


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