China's Stunning Revolt: Their Lockdowns vs Our Lockdowns

China's Stunning Revolt: Their Lockdowns vs Our Lockdowns

China's regime broke the ice in 2020 with lockdowns---now the ice is breaking them


Jon Rappoport

15 min ago

(This article is Part-2 in a series. For Part-1, click here.)

The astounding revolt in China against the regime’s brutal COVID lockdown policy is exposing ALL nations’ lockdowns during the past two years.

The only difference is the degree of brutality. China’s is the worst…but wasn’t Australia’s a close second? And what about the outright destruction of economies in Western nations?

Fauci is America’s Xi Jinping.

Loud and widespread support for the Chinese protesters is VITAL at this time.

Make your voice heard!

At the beginning of the “pandemic,” I wrote that the Chinese regime had broken the ice. They locked down three large cities overnight and provided the model for all nations.

The WHO and the World Economic Forum and Fauci and Bill Gates jumped on the bandwagon and praised the China lockdowns.

For the first time in human history, we were witnessing the large-scale medical imprisonment of populations.

Italy followed suit, and the rest of Europe joined in. I wrote that Italy was under the extraordinary economic influence of China. The regime had poured a great deal of money into Italy—and it was entirely possible that the regime had exerted pressure on the Italian government to suddenly declare its own lockdown of the country.

Then China reopened its economy while Western nations were still suffering under lockdowns.

But then the Chinese regime played one card too many on its home front: new lockdowns.

And NOW we’re seeing the result: growing revolts in China.

The people are fed up, exhausted, driven beyond all patience, desperate.

On American soil, we have many Communists and China sympathizers who want the US to mirror China in all respects. The present revolts in China are making them very nervous.


Censorship, Surveillance State, official fraudulent science, imprisonment, bogus PCR test, population control, mandated destructive vaccines…

It’s all come to a head in China.

Some of the protesters in the streets are holding up blank sheets of paper. This signifies the government’s crackdown on freedom of speech through censorship.

Protesters are also calling for regime change.


As of this writing—7AM, 11/28—there is nothing from the White House. No statement of support for the Chinese people. This is telling. This is called a clue.

The White House doesn’t know what the hell to do. If it supports the China revolt, it supports freedom from lockdowns. It acknowledges the insanity of the Chinese regime policies. And by implication, it indicts itself and its own insane COVID policies.

In an even larger landscape—called Globalism—the China revolts signify a rejection of elite plans to use the fake pandemic as a pretext for advancing the technocratic Great Reset.

The Globalists are hoping the China revolts are put down and go into the memory hole as a minor event.

That would be tragic.

What is happening right now in China could be called true populism. Populism expressed in the face of State firepower.

Connecting just one obvious dot—the protests in China resemble the huge protests against government COVID authority that took place in Europe last year.

With one difference. The Chinese government is far more brutal than any European government.

Are you hearing any major statements about the China revolt from Western governments? Definitive statements of support for the Chinese people?

How about this? “The Chinese government is guilty of major crimes, and so are we.”

Don’t let geography fool you. What’s happening now WAY OVER THERE IN CHINA has tremendous implications for life HERE.

If we see it.

Oh, and Hello, Mr. Trudeau. Are you down on your knees praying that the Chinese regime you ADORE is handling the protests quickly, so they go away, and you don’t look like the predator you are? HOW ABOUT REGIME CHANGE IN CANADA? After all, isn’t it obvious Trudeau wants to make Canada into China? Isn’t that exactly what he’s been driving at for years now?

Dear People of Canada: Isn’t it obvious that your esteemed leader isn’t Canadian bacon? He’s always been Xi Jinping pork.

-- Jon Rappoport

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