France: Huge crowds get on the streets to protest Macron’s Covid restrictions,

 Police use tear gas and water cannons to control protesters

Two Police officers fell down on burning garbage cans and caught fire. Other officers rushed to the rescue and put off the fire.

Protester breaking Police vehicle in Paris, France (Image: Screenshot from video published by ClementLanot)

Protestors again took on the roads in Paris on the 31st of July and other cities across France to protest against the strict Covid-19 protocols imposed by President Emmanuel Macron. The Police dressed in anti-riot gear had to use tear gas, smoke bombs, water cannons and batons to control the crowd.

Several videos of the protests emerged in which people were seen raising slogans against the government for the new rules imposed. Reportedly, the new ruled varied from mandatory vaccination of health workers and requirement of health passes for accessing public places. While accusing the French government of violating the freedom of people, a large group of demonstrators unleashed violence on the streets of France.

Freelance journalist Clement Lanot was present at the protest site. He published several videos showing the intensity of the protests. In one of his videos, the Police could be seen accidentally gassed a journalist from Line Press while controlling the crowd.


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By OpIndia Staff
(Source:; August 1, 2021;
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