The Pfizer Papers: Leaked Israeli Health Meeting, Excess Deaths

 A new leaked Zoom meeting from Israeli health officials provides further insight into observable long-term injection damage, Dr. T.J. Coles explores.

By T.J. Coles

This is part 6 in our series. Parts 1 to 5 can be read here.

Since the US Food and Drug Administration was ordered to release Pfizer “vaccine” documents to the public in late 2021, hundreds of thousands of pages have provided invaluable insight to researchers.

In August, although slowing down as predicted, another object of note was revealed — this time in the form of a leaked online meeting of medical professionals expressing concerns over injection adverse events.

Their findings correlate with events we are seeing in the real-world data.


In January 2021, the Israeli government signed an extraordinary collaboration agreement in which Pfizer used Israel as “a sort of laboratory” (Chief Scientific Officer Philip Dormitzer), in which the vaccine candidate, which tellingly is described as a “product” in the agreement, was to be compared with natural immunity.

To quote the document: “the Parties agree that it would be highly beneficial from a public health perspective to track pandemic data in accordance with vaccination compliance in a Real-World context to evaluate whether herd immunity protection is observed during the Product vaccination program rollout.”

The entire indemnification paragraphs are redacted.

A critic of the project, Tehilla Shwartz Altshuler of the Israel Democracy Institute, describes it as “one of the … widest medical experiments on humans at the 21st century.”

In August, a Zoom meeting of Israeli health officials was leaked.

In the meeting, the health officials discuss long-term and serious adverse events from the injection:


They identified new [neurological] side effects not listed in the consumers’ leaflet, such as dizziness, tinnitus, hypoesthesia, [and] paraesthesia” (i.e., numbness and localised paralysis).  

In addition, the duration of adverse events was longer than those reported in the official Pfizer data.

The leaflet said that side effects would typically last less than a week.

But in half of cases recorded by the Israeli doctors, duration was six months.

In terms of neurological events, 65 percent of sufferers experienced symptoms lasting longer than one month. Back pain, including in children, was another unexpected adverse event.

The leak comes at a time when European countries are reporting unexplained rises in excess mortality (i.e., death rates higher than average).


Pfizer told us that the injection was “safe and effective.”

It is easy to say that something is “safe and effective” when safety and efficacy are not defined: as indeed they were not in the clinical trials.

But over the last couple of years, data have emerged suggesting that the injection is neither effective (i.e., waning immunity, does not prevent infection) nor safe.

How can a vaccine candidate be safe when the normal decade of development, including pharmacovigilance, was shrunk to a few months, in the case of the rushed jab?

According to data drawn from the UK Office for Health Improvement and Disparities, non-heatwave related summer deaths this year were 3,665 above the average (28k deaths in total), of which COVID contributed to 909.

This means that 2,756 more people died in the summer of 2022 than expected compared to previous years. 

Main causes were: Ischaemic heart disease (>1.9k excess), heart failure (>1.9k excess), diabetes (>1.7k excess), diseases of the urinary system (882 excess), cerebrovascular diseases (679 excess), acute respiratory infections (430 excess), chronic lower respiratory (368 excess), and cancer (210 excess).

Cancer can be explained by delayed treatments due to health service backlogs. 

Diabetes can be explained by people eating and drinking more during lockdown.

But what about the staggeringly high increase in heart disease and failure?

Some deaths can be attributed to long COVID, delayed hospital treatment, and lockdown stress (e.g., lack of exercise, anxiety, overeating, etc.), but the major change between 2022 and previous years is that most British people have been double, and some even triple, jabbed.

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By T.J. Coles

T.J. Coles is a postdoctoral researcher at Plymouth University’s Cognition Institute and the author of several books, the latest being We’ll Tell You What to Think: Wikipedia, Propaganda and the Making of Liberal Consensus.

Dr. T.J. Coles is the author of several books, including — The War on You

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