Nebulized Hydrogen Peroxide: the most effective weapon against viral infections?

Nebulized hydrogen peroxide offers an immediate and direct supplement to the body’s natural immune response.

Nebulized hydrogen peroxide is a safe, inexpensive, and incredibly effective way to help prevent and treat viral illnesses of all kinds.

That’s the conclusion of many, including Dr. Thomas Levy, a board-certified cardiologist perhaps best known for his work with vitamin C. Levy is an expert on nebulized hydrogen peroxide, which has become my favorite intervention for viral illnesses, including COVID-19. In his latest book, “Rapid Virus Recovery,” Levy details this treatment. He’s giving the e-book away for free: download.

Levy suffered with lifelong sinus problems. About a year and a half ago, while doing research for his book on magnesium, he came across nebulization with magnesium chloride, which sparked his interest.

As a result of his research, he began nebulizing with hydrogen peroxide and noticed incredible changes in his health almost immediately, including the reversal of his chronic sinus problems. So, after finishing his magnesium book, he took a deep dive into nebulization, and “Rapid Virus Recovery” was the result of that journey.

Levy’s research and direct observation led him to a startling conclusion—that nebulizing hydrogen peroxide is so effective it can stop virtually any cold or flu infection in its tracks if used quickly enough, and help those already infected to recover more quickly.

Levy also points out that if you can easily prevent or cure a viral infection, then vaccination becomes irrelevant. “Why vaccinate for a disease that you can prevent or easily cure after you have it?” he asks.

“Nebulized hydrogen peroxide is not only simple to administer to yourself and universally effective, but it’s also inexpensive and readily available around the entire world.”

Early Treatment Virtually Eliminates Complications

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By Soren Dreier
(Source:; April 27, 2021;
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