500 000 dollars to catch Ukraine Nazi commanders

 Chechnya governor Ramzan Kadyrov announced the seizure of the largest Ukrainian military base by a Chechen regiment. Traditionally the Chechens are considered to be outstanding fighters.

Kadyrov also promised a $500,000 reward for the capture of Ukrainian Nazi leaders who arrived in Chechnya to fight with jihadists from the Islamic Emirate of Ichkeria.

On 8 May 2007 in Ternopol (western Ukrainia), the neo-Nazi Dmytro Yarosh, current special adviser to the Ukrainian military forces commander, had organized, together with Emir Dokou Oumarov, a congress to seal the alliance between European neo-Nazis and Middle Eastern jihadists against Russia.


(Source: voltairenet.org; March 4, 2022; https://bit.ly/3MjTnVC)
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