Djaki Kundu aka The Gympie Pyramid is under threat

Our next conference has changed

Djaki Kundu, (Rocky Ridge in English) also known as 'The Gympie Pyramid'. Due to the imminent threat of complete destruction (which has begun) time is running short. Wit-boooka & Diane Djaki Widjung from the Kabi will be joining us along with Aunty Minnie Mace to discuss this most important site.

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Due to dreadful state of affairs occurring right now at the ‘Gympie Pyramid,” we have had to
rearrange the speakers and central theme of our next conference. With the police on site, Eldersarrested and the Pyramid itself under threat of immediate and complete destruction, there is animmediate need to publicise and halt this disrespect and carnage. It seems nothing has changedsince Yukon Gorge was blown up, because this site is arguably no less, and possibly more important.

Dr. Rita Louise has kindly agreed to be shifted back to the next conference, which then
allows us to have Kabi Elder Wit-boooker and Dianne King (insert her Original name), along withAunty Minnie Mace to explain why, how and what comes next. The site is far too important to be destroyed and this is our attempt to both spread the news and find a way to stop this outrage taking place. The site is genuine, that is the fundamental truth, and once again this seems to mean nothing to the politicians, nothing ever seems to change.

It seems every aspect of Original culture and custodianship is irrelevant, we believe that if
this site is destroyed, nothing in this country is sacred, protected and merely an economic asset to be bought, sold or trashed. Please join us and these Original men and women in the next conference, every account whether relating to the tragic unfolding events at Gympie, Michael’s stunning educational Dreaming Story curricula at Moree or Shona Bostock’s family and post-Cook tribal history, it always about trying to reclaim an Original legacy that is constantly under threat. The only redeeming part of this deception is that very soon from now the Old Ways will return and the Spirits of this land will prevail. In the meantime, there is very precious site with bulldozers parked and primed. They need help, publicity and time is running out.


By Steven and Evan Strong / Forgotten Origin Researchers

Our main brief is to prove through scientific fact that which the Elders insist is true. We have assembled facts about archaeological finds, and also early contact accounts, genetics, Serpent myths, Dreaming stories, Amerindian myths, parallels in religious texts, etc into one coherent theory.

(Source:; October 26, 2021;
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